Why choose us ?

Simply put, EEE HR Groups finds the best opportunities for their job seekers and the best employees for their employers across Gulf Country's ,Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Oman and East Africa...

Knowledge & Expertise

Our expert insight and experience come from many years of recruitment. We’ll work to find you the right fit through proven, targeted searches.


We manage an organised, professional recruitment process from start to finish. We will find the perfect and most talented employee for your business.

Our Network

Built over many years, our recruitment team has strong relationships with many professional bodies in GCC, Maldives, Oman, Seychelles and East Africa.


Our team has a genuine interest in their areas of expertise. We specialise in Sourcing Candidates With a Good Experienced and SkillSet match.


With a presence , we have a wider pool of job seekers and opportunities.


We “Do” recruitment extremely well and are proud of the way that we operate with our people.


As dedicated EEE HR Group recruitment specialists, we match highly skilled professionals to the right business with the right team across Gulf Country's

Why Work With EEE HR Group?

Our team of EEE HR Recruitment specialists is dedicated to enhancing the careers of every candidate we meet. Combined, we have decades of experience. We have successfully recruited across GCC  for many years. We’re definitely not a company staffed by young trainees without what we believe is essential real-world, life and recruitment experience.


All our consultants have a vast knowledge and network in the GCC  markets. Our EEE Hr recruitment specialists each have a specific area of expertise, so they can advise you on all the right stuff to secure the right job…

Never get bored on the way to reach your goal.

Based in GCC ,we know how to find the best candidates for your business. Whether the candidates are top professionals in their fields and are wanting to set up a new life in GCC, the recruitment experts at Eee Wren will find the right person for your business.

In summary, we find great people for Maldives ,Seychelles, GCC Countries. But we don’t just leave it at that. To make your life as an employer easier, and to ensure the best fit between our candidates and your company, we then offer the best, most comprehensive, end-to-end support out there. We’ll be there to help these great people with their move or return to GCC, Maldives, Seychelles and we can help with onboarding as well. Simply get in touch.

Based on 420K reviews
"Eee HR Group has been a game-changer for my career! Their team of professionals guided me through the entire hiring process and helped me secure an amazing job opportunity abroad. The support and personalized attention they provided were exceptional. I highly recommend eee HR Group to anyone looking to take their career to new heights."
"I can't thank eee HR Group enough for their outstanding services. They made the daunting task of finding a job overseas seem effortless. Their expertise and connections in the industry are remarkable. Thanks to them, I now have an incredible job opportunity that aligns perfectly with my skills and aspirations. Great job, eee HR Group!"
"Working with eee HR Group was an absolute pleasure. Their staff was friendly, professional, and responsive throughout the entire hiring process. They took the time to understand my career goals and matched me with a fantastic job opportunity abroad. If you're looking for a reliable HR agency to help you find your dream job, look no further than eee HR Group."
"I had an exceptional experience with eee HR Group. Their team's commitment to helping individuals like me find overseas job placements is unparalleled. The entire process, from initial consultation to job placement, was smooth and efficient. They have a vast network of international employers, making them a top choice for anyone seeking employment abroad. Thank you, eee HR Group, for making my career dreams a reality!"
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